pobiskewl (pobiskewl) wrote in riotgrrrlwmids,

issue 4 of i dont take butter is out:P

reviews of wedding crashers/war of the worlds/charlie and the chocolate factory
chapter 3 of "the saga of Eric and Alice" (a comic by Adrian Cottrell- a guy i used to work with) http://www.freewebs.com/sagaofericandalice/
problem pages
kewl shops in birmingham
review of the improvisors
article about comics
reviews of extras, catherine tate, absolute power
review of sean of the dead
article on nick hornby
article on nick frost
poems by raquel (my pen pal from brazil)
review of precious bazarr

then soon will be issue #5 summer 2005 aswell which i havent started on yet but it will include:
reviews of supersize me/american splendour/ghost world/mike bassett england manager
chapter 4 of "the saga of Eric and Alice"
Leeds/Reading reviews
article on clothes shops
problem pages
reviews of footsteps in the snow/meet the magoos/max and paddy
reviews of Jenny Colgan- do you remember the first time/Rhold Dhal-Matilda/Nicola Barker-three button trick
article on Ian Thorpe
article on TV ark

and issue #6 -winter 2006 includes:
reviews of Jason Byrne/Mark Thomas/Rob Newman
review of thumbsucker/40 year old virgin/wallace and gromit and the curse of the were rabbit
reviews of the office an american workplace

.........and thats all ive got planned for it so far..........

id better go:P:P email me at pobiskewl@hotmail.com, i_dont_take_butter@hotmail.com leave me a message here or leave me a message at my LJ if you are interested:):):)

id better go:P:P
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