don't you waste me in the ground (butterflyburn) wrote in riotgrrrlwmids,
don't you waste me in the ground

Kathleen Hanna in Sonic Youth video

My guitarist lent me a DVD of all Sonic Youth's videos called CORPORATE GHOST (which has a very cool cover). Most of the videos are embarassingly 80s but Bull In The Heather has Kathleen Hanna in it!! And better has a commentary by Kathleen Hanna!

She was like, (in thick americal drawl) 'I remember I couldn't afford my rent for the month and Sonic Youth asked me to appear in their video. At that time there was a lot of criticism of my band, either we were too political or not political enough, but hell, I had to pay that month's rent, and I wasn't gonna be all like, "NO. I won't be in your video. I'm TOO COOL." I mean, who's too cool for Sonic Youth?'

Anyway she says it in a very cool way. She mainly dances around and attacks Thurston.
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